We're elated to introduce our revamped website, a reflection of our commitment to shaping the future of OD & Change Management consulting. As the corporate world gravitates towards agile staffing and project-centric designs, the call for a future ready solution to elevate internal Practices, has never been louder.

Why Issoria?

Data, Development, & Delivery

Issoria supports internal OD & Change Management Practices by providing change data analytics, continuous capability development, and a modern approach to resourcing, as part of one flexible solution.

Global Virtual Bench

Gone are the days of traditional consultancy pyramid staffing. We offer a modern, adaptive solution, allowing teams to scale based on demand and capacity. This ensures optimal resource allocation, whether you're operating locally or globally.


Engaging an Issoria practitioner gives you complimentary access to ChangeAble®, our enterprise change analytics solution.

Plug-in to Issoria

Immediately access tools, accelerators, a development program that grows with your use of the solution, benchmarking, a peer-to-peer community, and a suite of products designed to rapidly level-up your practice and organizational capability.

A word from our CEO, Ibi Thomson:

"I'm excited about our evolution. It's been an iterative journey with steadfast commitment to practical innovation. What I've loved most is how involved our clients have been in shaping our value proposition. With their help, we now have a solution fit for their needs, and affordable to them!"

We invite you to explore our new website and delve deeper into our approach.

Got questions about our journey or how we can help you level up? Connect with us at info@issoriachange.com.